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TrustPort Threat Intelligence

Detection of Unknown Security Threats

Threat Intelligence employs tens of newly researched detection algorithms based on advanced mathematicsthat has never been used before in cyber security. This makes it particularly effective in detection of unknown attacks such as zero-day worms, trojans, botnets as well as internal attacks, unauthorized access and other types of attack that might come in the future.

Machine Learning Saves Time

Unlike most anomaly detection and network behavior analysis systems Threat Intelligence is not dependent on manually set rules. Instead, its advanced machine learning automatically generates self-adapting rulesrelevant for a particular network. This makes Threat Intelligence extremely easy to deploy, maintain and work with.

Faster Incident Response

 By detecting atomic symptoms of malicious behavior and anomalies in network traffic it identifies cyber attacks in a very early stage, decreases incident response time and prevents further damage. Thereby, it helps to decrease overall cyber security risks.

Detailed Network Monitoring

TrustPort Threat Intelligence offers an overview of the monitored network so that it is elementary to understand who and how uses individual network elements, bandwidth and other resources as requests, services, and how they are interconnected.


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