Noctua NA-FG1-14 Sx5

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  • Premium-grade matte-black fan guards for 14cm fans, including screws and tool-free push-pin mounting system
  • Reliable protection, excellent acoustics and high airflow thanks to round struts and offset design
  • Easy-to-install push-pin mounting introduces an additional 5mm offset for reduced influx turbulence, better performance and low-noise operation
  • Set of 5 (Sx5) includes 5 fan grills, 20 fan screws and 20 tool-free push-pin mounts
  • Ideal for protecting fans in PCs and various other applications such as 3D printers or home ventilation (no risk of putting fingers inside the fan, cables hanging into the fan, etc.).

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Reliable protection

Thanks to their densely spaced, sturdy steel ribs, Noctua’s NA-FG1 series fan grills offer excellent protection and reliably prevent you from accidentally touching the running fan or cables from being pushed into the impeller.

Available in sets of 2 (Sx2) or 5 (Sx5) including screws and a tool-free mounting system that can help to reduce both turbulence noise and performance losses, Noctua’s NA-FG1-14 are premium grade 140mm fan grills for the highest demands in acoustic optimisation and ease of installation. Thanks to an offset design with round struts, the NA-FG1 guards offer excellent protection with minimal impact on the fan’s acoustics and flow rate. The included tool-free push-pin mounting system not only makes installation a breeze, even if the fans are already installed in a PC system, it also introduces an additional 5mm offset in order to achieve even lower influx turbulence, further improved running smoothness and better airflow performance. Last but not least, the high-quality matte black finish and the Noctua logo at the centre make the NA-FG1 grills a visual testament to Noctua’s renowned premium quality.