511 ден со вклучен ДДВ

ЈВСНет го задржува правото за промена на цените на производите без претходна најава и не е одговорен за било какви грешки. Сликите на производите и боите можат да се разликуваат од реалните.

Universal for both AMD & Intel sockets
Aluminum Stacked-Fin heat-sink
92x25mm Star series, silent fan
Heat sink and Fan height 58.82mm
PWM fan speed controlled fan
Tool-free, AMD approved retention
Intel approved Push-pin retention
Retail packed for save transport
S420 Thermal compound included
Supports AM2/AM3/FM1 and 775/1155/1156 sockets

Нема на залиха

The Spire Sigor 543 PWM is a low profile universal cpu cooler for the Intel 775/1155/1156 sockets and the AMD AM2/AM3/FM1 sockets. The quality engineered aluminum Stacked-Fin heat-sink provides rapid and efficient heat dissipation. The heat-sink is topped with our Spire BlueStar series 92x25mm dc fan, spinning from 600 to 2200RPM. Keeping noise level at a minimum enabled by the PWM fan speed control, monitored by the system mainboard. Universal application to all current AMD sockets and Intel 775/1155/1156 sockets make the Sigor 543 PWM a versatile solution. AMD users do not need a single piece of tool and can just snap on the heat-sink hassle free. Intel users just need to replace the push pin bracket supplied and they’re ready to boot their system. Tested at TDP 95W max with a performance rate of 0.388C/W the Spire Sigor 543 PWM will keep your system running cooler and at its best.